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Happy Halloween from Team Lime Sydney

Sarah McGill | Articles

Team Lime loves to celebrate.  And Halloween is one of our favourites.  Yes, it was an excuse to dress up, act goofy and generally break up the week.  But it’s also keeping us tuned up and at our best serve our clients.  Yep.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


  • 78% of people who work 30 to 50 hours a week spend more time with co-workers than with their families – Globoforce
  • 74% of workers who hadn’t celebrated accomplishments with their co-workers said they are more likely to leave their jobs – Globoforce
  • Happier workers are 12% more productive than average people – The Guardian newspaper reporting an academic study
  • Lost productivity because of employee disengagement costs more than $300 billion in the US annually – Bloomberg Businessweek
  • The happiest employees take one-tenth the sick leave of their least happy colleagues – study by the ­University of Wisconsin
  • Happiness increases sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19. – research over the past decade cited by Shawn Anchor, author of The Happiness Advantage


When’s the last time you got your happy on?