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Leadership team effectiveness

The success or failure of an enterprise rests primarily on the strength of its leadership; both the senior team and leaders throughout the organization.

The most effective leadership teams have a core set of values that guide decision making, a clear and shared vision of where they want to go, high trust in each other’s capabilities and intent, and vibrant communication channels in all directions.

Lime works with senior teams to help them be more effective.  The ‘human element’ most often derails teams, so we work with the humans who are leaders.  Our work includes: conducting in-depth assessments of team and individual performance, clarifying and aligning on strategy, designing and delivering highly customized development programs, and facilitating critical events. Because leadership is a key capability at all levels of an organization, Lime works with leaders at all levels.  This involves working with the high potential population, chartering cross-functional leadership teams for key strategic initiatives, or transitioning leaders into new roles.

Case Study: Great Leadership creates a team

Lime’s work with the executive team at a leading life sciences company enabled them to shift from a collection of competitive high performers to a highly effective, mutually supportive team. In doing so, the leaders were able to make a courageous strategic decision and execute on it; a game-changer for their company, it leads to them leapfrogging the competition and succeeding in being acquired at a very attractive valuation by a global firm.

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