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Integrated Coaching

Depending on which study you read, the ROI on executive coaching is 5-8x.  Coaching works.  So it’s not a surprise that most CEOs and senior leaders today view executive coaches as critical supports for their performance and development.

However, there remains ambivalence around the effectiveness of coaching as a broader lever for improving business results because of a belief that it isn’t a scalable approach.  As a result, organisations continue to try to transform themselves without fully using this critical lever and usually fail*

The belief that coaching doesn’t scale is wrong.

The problem with most executive coaching programs is that they focus narrowly on the individual, and not on the dynamic system within which the individual leader operates.

Lime coaches differently.

Over 10 years of experience working with senior leaders, Lime had developed an integrated coaching approach that supports and guides the whole system of interdependent relationships.  It creates mindset and behavior shift in individuals and simultaneous systemic ‘nudges’ within the organisational psyche. The cumulative effect of seemingly small but deliberate, coordinated individual changes in mindset and behaviour is immensely powerful.

* 70% of change initiatives fail due to leadership and culture issues


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Case Study: Great Leadership Creates a Team

An award-winning regional bank had acquired a team of blue-chip investment bankers to spearhead their strategy to ‘step up to the big leagues’. The bank’s leaders needed to evolve into a more strategic and disciplined team and to shift the direction and environment within the firm.

Lime designed a detailed operating blueprint for the leadership team, and supported them individually in building specific, critical leadership capabilities.

As a result, the leaders crystallized a new strategy, and the business was able to pivot to being seen as an investment bank rather than a sales and trading shop.

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