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Accelerated strategic action

Accelerating strategy execution requires bringing clarity, motivation and increased capability to those tasked with ‘making it happen’.

Even in organizations where the senior team is aligned on the strategy and that strategy is generally understood, (already two high hurdles which many organizations don’t meet) it is common for critical operational people to have a sketchy picture, at best, of how to translate strategy into action.  Strategic priorities that require cross-functional coordination present an additional challenge.   The result is that execution is slower and less focused than it could be.

At Lime we work with clients to translate strategy into action, precisely and quickly.  We facilitate clarity and alignment among the senior team, and then clear, compelling communication to the different stakeholder groups in the organization.  We work in specific areas to accelerate the most important strategic action.  We make sure the stuff that counts gets done.

Case Study: Capturing the cloud and making strategy a reality

A fast-growing provider of enterprise software products recognized the need to become an established global brand in order to achieve ambitious growth targets. Although interest in the brand was on the rise, the company ranked 18th in terms of perceived influence in the industry. Successful execution required not only a great brand idea, but a compelling internal brand story, reshaped relationships and workflows and building new capabilities.

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