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Culture shaping

Strategy sets the course but it’s culture that shapes how people think, feel and behave.  Therefore culture determines how well people execute on strategy.  How healthy is your culture?

Organizations are increasingly realizing that culture can be a business differentiator; and one which is extremely difficult for competitors to replicate – a potentially critical element of sustainable competitive advantage.  A healthy culture supports strategy, focuses organizational energy in the right places, fosters communication and learning, and energizes people on an ongoing basis.

Lime is expert at shaping organizational culture so that the attitudes and behaviors of people are aligned to deliver on strategy.   We define and describe an organization’s culture so that it is clear, understood and can be managed effectively.  We work with clients to understand their current culture and the fit (or otherwise) to strategy.  With the senior team, we identify the few, critical cultural elements and then build communication and capability building programs based on those cultural building blocks.

Case Study: Engaging Your People

Lime braved the Australian outback in order to create a breakthrough for the on-the-ground operations team and senior management of a multi-national primary industries conglomerate. Recent service disruptions in the mining and transportation business had put operations under severe pressure. Each disruption cost $1M yet operational leaders were rejecting senior management advice, in line with the unproductive culture that existed.

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