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High stakes problem solving

Each year, there are a few critical conversations that shape how your company performs.  That’s where Lime can help.

Getting the right people together, having the right conversations, at the right time is critical to the life of your organization.  Lime is expert at facilitating senior management and high-stakes conversations.

Typically we are called in when the timeframe is short, the stakes are high, and tensions are getting in the way of decisions being made and work getting done. We are the people you can turn to when you don’t only need skillful facilitation of dialogue, but clear thinking, flexibility and the courage to do what is required to get the best outcome.

Case Study : Driving big changes

An award-winning regional bank had acquired a team of blue-chip investment bankers to spearhead their strategy to ‘step up to the big leagues’. The bank’s leaders needed to evolve into a more strategic and disciplined team and to shift the direction and environment within the firm.

Lime designed a detailed operating blueprint for the leadership team, and supported them individually in building specific, critical leadership capabilities.

As a result, the leaders crystallized a new strategy, and the business was able to pivot to being seen as an investment bank rather than a sales and trading shop.

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