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Lime Toasts Shan Lyn-Ma!

Sarah McGill | Articles

Shan Lyn-Ma is the CEO and co-founder of Zola – without a doubt the coolest wedding registry around. Not long ago, she was featured in Forbes magazine. To check out the article click here. Lime has had the privilege and pleasure of working with Shan for several years in her past role, and she has become a firm friend of Team Lime. When you read about an accomplished professional like Shan in a magazine like Forbes, it can be easy to fall into the trap of imagining that it was easy for her; that in tough moment she “just knew” what to do; that things fell into place to enable the business to be such a success. As those who have started their own business or worked their way to the senior ranks of an established business know, nothing could be further from the truth. Shan is one of the smartest, most resilient, collaborative and unfailingly optimistic people you could meet. She has earned every bit of her success and Lime wishes her more in the future.

An insight from the article into how she thinks. When asked about why they have added certain features and platforms and not others, Shan answers: “We make most of our product decisions based on the data we are seeing from our users. We built an iPhone app, because we saw a lot of our mobile web users were visiting via iPhone devices. We still see very little mobile visits coming to Zola from Android devices, however if that were to change, we would work on an Android app.” Focus on the customer and allow them to lead you – that’s smart business