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The energy performance chain

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Anna Denton

Effective leaders inspire and motivate. At times, they do this by telling stories meant to tap into the intrinsic motivation of their employees. But, most importantly, they lead by example, often subconsciously.

It all comes down to energy…something that’s part of Lime’s Foundation.

Tom Bruno-Magdich at 4D Human Being published a white paper about the effect of energy on organizations. He writes, “engaging leaders were observed to be able to literally change the mood of their employees merely by walking into a room. It was discovered that this effect was due to the leaders’ level of personal energy which increased their ability to communicate emotions verbally and non-verbally.”

At Lime, we’ve noticed that our most successful clients are often energetic, positive leaders who, thus, are able to have a big impact on their teams. “Mood became contagious in a very short time with the workforce imitating the behaviors of the leaders,” says Bruno-Magdich.

Once energy is infused into the work environment, employees become more engaged in their work, which can translate to profits. Therefore, it makes intuitive sense that high-energy firms engage creatively in their problem-solving techniques, enabling them to stay ahead of the game.

Energy is not only about the way people interact, there are also tangible items, such as infrastructure, which includes systems, environments and décor – which explains why highly creative offices like Google and Facebook have colorful, playful décor (at Lime, we love our blue wall!) Of course, efforts to energize the workplace don’t end with a coat of paint. Intangible infrastructure is all about preserving the culture. Bruno-Magdich explains, “it is crucial when building an energetic organization to bring on board individuals who can positively energize others.” After all… it’s contagious!

Source: 4D Human Being, Organizational Engagement & Contagious Leadership