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Intentional action and deliberate decisions – that’s what you’ll achieve when you Think Different. Filled with ‘eye-popping’ questions, these cards will provoke insight, generate clarity, and unlock momentum for you and your team.

Questions are the most powerful tool for navigating through the fog of indecision or seemingly insurmountable goals. Why? Because when your brain hears a question it triggers a mental reflex called ‘instinctive elaboration’ which means your brain can’t think of anything else.

Lime’s ‘Eye-Popping’ questions have an immediate impact on the person who reads them.  They reframe thinking, lift the quality of dialogue, and accelerate towards root cause/core driver thinking – the ‘real’ conversation… the one that is often a layer beneath the actual words being spoken.

The deck contains 52 carefully curated questions and instructions. Your purchase unlocks online content at – with tips to give you the clarity you need to take intentional actions and make deliberate decisions. Created with Leaders in mind – you can use Lime’s ‘Eye-Popping’ question cards as a clarity inducing/problem-solving tool individually or as a facilitation tool for your leadership team.