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Engaging your people

Sarah McGill | Case Studies

Lime braved the Australian outback in order to create a breakthrough for the on-the-ground operations team and senior management of a multi-national primary industries conglomerate.

Recent service disruptions in the mining and transportation business had put operations under severe pressure.

Each disruption cost $1M yet operational leaders were rejecting senior management advice, in line with the unproductive culture that existed.

With unflinching candor and straight talk, and by building high trust relationships with key leaders, Lime was able to win over this strong-willed and defensive group and create a positive working relationship between management and the field.

The Australian mining and transport operations for a primary industries multi-national were severely underperforming.

Once a high-producing unit, expensive service disruptions, dysfunctional leadership, and lack of accountability had put the business under serious management scrutiny.

Because the team was so remote, the company’s leadership had a tough time gaining transparency into what was occurring and even less success in influencing it.  They felt compelled to step in and asked Lime’s help to identify the issues, build buy-in to addressing them, and chart the path forward.



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As a result of the program, operations and management made a step-change improvement in their understanding of how to communicate and work together.  Ops, in particular, displayed a renewed commitment to addressing potential issues quickly and productively.  The teams worked together cross-functionally to resolve issues and to proactively avoid others.  As a result, service disruptions fell back to normal ranges saving millions of dollars, and the unit re-established itself as high-performing.