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Jump-starting major initiatives

Sarah McGill | Case Studies

When a multi-disciplinary initiative in patient safety and preventing was being piloted at one of the nation’s most prominent hospital systems, they turned to Lime to help ensure that the project was set up for success.

In partnership with the central team, Lime designed and facilitated the project launch event, helped frame the role of the transformation office and charter the team, and built a comprehensive approach to stakeholder engagement.

The initiative is being rolled out to other hospitals in the U.S, with the goal that to will eventually be in all major hospital systems. Current data suggests that once rolled out, this initiative will prevent tens of thousands of deaths and save millions of dollars annually.


A world-class hospital and university were embarking on an ambitious and groundbreaking effort to dramatically improve patient safety in the intensive care unit, funded by a grant from a prominent philanthropic foundation.

To make their vision a reality, they needed a diverse group of doctors, nurses, operations specialists, administrators, and technology experts to collaborate together to solve previously intractable issues; and do this with very little time allocated outside their ongoing clinical responsibilities.

The team needed to catalyze a culture shift in the ICU and build a revolutionary, systems-based approach to care.  The charismatic leader of the effort wanted to ensure that he and the team were truly set up for success in their bold endeavour, as so engaged Lime as a consulting partner.


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With our help, the transformation office became a high-functioning centre of gravity for the initiative, ensuring the delivery of the major project milestones.

Plans are already underway for scaling the project’s innovations to other hospital systems across the country and the results of this effort will ultimately prevent tens of thousands of preventable deaths in the United States each year and save the U.S. healthcare system millions of dollars.