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Capturing the cloud and making strategy a reality

Sarah McGill | Case Studies

A fast-growing provider of enterprise software products recognized the need to become an established global brand in order to achieve ambitious growth targets. Although interest in the brand was on the rise, the company ranked 18th in terms of perceived influence in the industry.

The Chief Marketing Officer took on the challenge of creating a new global brand platform and shifting the internal culture and climate to enable the organization to deliver against it.

Successful execution required not only a great brand idea, but a compelling internal brand story, reshaped relationships and workflows, and building new capabilities.


The Chief Marketing Officer of the firm recognized that the company was at an important inflection point driven by the advent of cloud and the increased competition they faced once they reached the $1B revenue mark.

To achieve its continued aggressive growth plans, the company needed to strengthen its global brand and address the issue of fragmented identity.  The CMO chose Lime to partner with her and the external brand agency over 18 months to build the story, drive the needed shifts in internal culture and climate, and architect the accompanying changes in the structure and culture of the global marketing organization.


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As a result of this work, Marketing went from being marginalized in a product-centric organizational climate, to being an influential voice at strategic level.  In an organization with a culture known for being highly individualistic, the brand story was embraced and quickly reflected in multiple areas across the company.

The re-energized marketing teams became clear on both the big picture of where the company was headed and their role in driving growth.  Interviews with key customers and C-level prospects suggest that the new brand platform has positioned the software company to achieve their ambitious goal of tripling sales to $3B in 3-5 years.